Save the Hot Air for Mother Nature

Some people are damned if they do, damned if they don't.

I was listening to FOX News our air earlier Monday and a Democratic strategist is criticizing the president for visiting Florida: Calling it blatantly political and, what's more, selfish. That the state could ill afford the commotion and fuss of a presidential visit, so soon after Hurricane Charley (search) swept through.

Funny, I don't remember that kind of talk back in 1992, when the president's father was criticized for waiting too long before he visited a Hurricane Andrew-ravaged Florida. No talk of commotion then. No ranting about inconveniences then. Back then Democrats called the old man out of touch.

So what's the deal now? Maybe the president is too much in touch? This from the same folks who said the president sitting in a classroom for an excruciating seven minutes on Sept. 11 was a tragedy.

So, what's the statute of limitations on natural disasters? Seven hours?

I don't know. But this much I do know: If I'm hurting, I want to see my president delivering. Delivering money, repairs, help and fast.

And I also want to see that he cares. Bill Clinton was very good at that. This president tried hard to show that he cares about issues like that.

You know when disaster hits, I don't care about the party of my president. Just that he's doing something as president.

Let political parties argue over motives. Let me see results. And save the hot air for Mother Nature. At least when she's blowing off steam, she means it.

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