Saudis Target Christians

Just about the time President Bush (search) was breaking bread in Texas with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, the prince’s religious thugs were breaking up a Christian community back home.

The New York Sun reports that on April 21, Saudi police stormed a clandestine church in a suburb of Riyadh and arrested 40 Christians, who were charged with proselytizing. The local papers described the arrests in their own, folksy way, saying the Christians were arrested for “trying to spread their poisonous religious beliefs to others.”

While the 40 Christians were trying to figure out how to get out of a Saudi jail, President Bush and Crown Prince Abdullah (search) were signing a joint declaration on religion that states in part: “Both countries agree that this message of peace, moderation and tolerance must extend to those of all faiths and practices.”

According to Nina Shea, director of religious freedom at Freedom House: “What they are doing is saying one thing in English and giving another signal to their own people.”

And that’s the Observer.

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