Saudis Launch Anti-Terror Media Blitz

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Going beyond its effort to capture terrorists and disrupt their finances, Saudi Arabia is devoting millions of dollars to TV ads and government-produced documentaries in an effort to destroy terrorism.

"The third part involves the mindset and that's the most challenging and the most long-term part of it and that's the one we're working on diligently ... in order to purge it from our society," said Adel Al-Jubeir (search), Saudi Arabia's foreign affairs adviser.

One ad features a father who lost a son to terrorism; the tagline of that ad is: "Our hopes will never live unless we bury terrorism."

Another ad features Saudi citizens carrying huge rocks — representative of Saudis each carrying their weight to build a better future — as a patriotic plea to stop terror. "Let us build our present and future with a spirit of unity and support" is the tagline for that ad. The campaign is an effort to demonize terror, not infidels.

"We do have a problem of extremism in Saudi Arabia. Yes, we acknowledge it. We do have a problem with intolerance," Al-Jubeir said.

The ads will run on Saudi TV and Al-Arabia (search), not Al Jazeera (search). The Saudis say they're trying to change minds at home, not throughout the Arab-speaking world.

But one part of the Saudi mindset comes from approved education texts, some of which preach suspicion or hatred of Jews and the non-Islamic West. Critics have said such textbooks may incite violence.

"The materials that we've collected in America have an ideology of hatred and let me say that's not too strong an expression," said Paul Marshall of the Center for Religious Freedom (search).

Saudi officials say they've taken the criticism to heart and scrapped the most inflammatory passages.

Sources told FOX News that Abdullah Aziz-bin-Fahd, the youngest son of King Fahd (search), is the driving force behind the anti-terror campaign. The prince's involvement, sources said, also suggests the royal family sees its fate and that of the kingdom, in part, tied to changing public attitudes about terrorism.

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