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Sandra Bullock’s Freak Out: I Thought My Husband Was Dead

When your husband earns his living doing crazy things on motorcycles, you're bound to be a little afraid -- but Sandra Bullock was surprised at her own strength when she thought hubby Jesse James lost his life in a stunt.

"Thankfully l love the women in his office because I get the information I need and I don’t get the information I don’t want to know … But something else takes over when I watch him," Bullock said. "I’ve seen an accident he was in where I was like ‘okay, they’re coming to get me -- the paramedics are here, he’s dead.' But I just wanted to know that I could take care of him."

And it looks as though Bullock is going to have to put on a brave face as James’ new series "Jesse James is a Dead Man" just hit Spike TV’s airwaves with a record-high audience, thus more seasons are expected to ensue.

"The only things that I backed out of or that I wouldn't do were things I didn’t think were hard or dangerous enough," James boasted to Tarts. "If I get hurt so what, it still has to be stuff that people can't see and go ‘oh that's easy.' I’ll be riding my bike in the middle of nowhere and I’ll just stand up on the pegs and do a stand up wheelie for like 20 miles by myself just cause I dig it. I think most of the stuff on the show would probably be doing even if nobody was looking."

So is the love between Bullock and James a case of the ying and the yang?

"Actually we’re not that opposite, look at me I had to do a naked scene and make it funny -- that’s just as dangerous as going 10G’s," she said. "He would never do that -- now that would make him scared."

Bullock is of course referring to her very first nude scene (after 22 years in front of the lens!) which she filmed alongside Ryan Reynolds in the new Disney comedy "The Proposal."

"My first and last nude scene got lapsed, so I had to be very secure with that, it was all about choreography. I went to the gym, cut out the carbs. But when it’s funny, if it turned out funny, it was worth it," Bullock said at the film’s press conference on the weekend. "Shooting it was odd and there were things stuck to areas that generally you have things covering but not things stuck to it and then they got unstuck and oddly we didn’t care because we were so tired. Ann, and then Anne (Fletcher, the Director) was like ‘your (female part) is hanging out, cover it up’ and you’re like sorry, sorry!"

Exclusive: Gordon Ramsey’s Alleged Mistress Bites Back

It has been over 8 months since word of Gordon Ramsey’s alleged affair with British author Sarah Symonds hit the headlines, but there still seems to be an awful lot of heat in this kitchen nightmare.

Pop Tarts revealed last year that (coincidentally enough) Symonds was employed by controversial infidelity dating site AshleyMadison.com to be their U.K. spokeswoman, but according to the company’s CEO Noel Biderman it could have all been an orchestrated PR stunt.

"Symonds was the face of the company in the U.K and we wanted to generate some buzz and one of the ideas we threw around was if she was too have a high-profile affair," Biderman told Tarts at the time. "She specifically asked if an affair with a top British chef would accomplish what we needed to do."

However Symonds is upset about Biderman’s spin on the situation and reached out to Tarts on Wednesday night to set the record straight.

"My affair with Gordon Ramsey was in NO way a publicity stunt and so anyone who says that, or thinks that could not be more wrong," Symonds said. "The affair was 100 percent legitimate. We were together for seven years."

Ramsey has frequently denied that he was ever involved with Symonds.

But interestingly enough, Ms. Symonds is putting her "skills" to good use and has since started her own "Dynamite Agency" specifically to blow the cover off Tinseltown’s many cheating married men.

"There’s so much infidelity in Hollywood, it’s time we come to the rescue," she added. (And somehow we don’t think her former "boss" Biderman will be too happy with the new business).

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