Sandra Bullock Is in the House — Every House

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Sandra Bullock Is in the House — Every House

And now to Sandra Bullock, or Sandy as she likes to be called. Last summer I reported in this column that the extremely likeable and genial star was going to buy a house in Tybee Island, Ga. People down there swore by this rumor and it looked like it had validity.

So: Did she buy it? What happened?

When I saw her last week, the unpretentious and always forthcoming Bullock told me: "It's always possible. I own homes everywhere. In New York, Austin, L.A. I love real estate. I love having houses."

Bullock says that her plethora of homes are all designed in different styles, reflecting the geographical region they are in. She does not stick to one decorator or approach.

As for Tybee Island, she said: "I have a very close friend who I visit frequently there. I fell in love with the area when I was shooting Forces of Nature. But buy a house? I don't think there is one to buy. And there certainly isn't a big one or an expensive one."

Bullock also told me she laughs when she sees tabloid mentions of her having romances with various people. "Most of them I haven't even met," she said. "But you can tell your readers I am still with my boyfriend." That's Austin-based singer/songwriter Bob Schneider.

Sandy's next project is a romantic comedy co-starring Hugh Grant. It's untitled, but Marc Lawrence, the guy who wrote the unremarkable comedies Miss Congeniality and Forces of Nature, will direct from his own script. It should be out next year.

Stars Rally for New York Mayoral Candidate

Mark Green's been running for office in the New York area since he was a little boy in knee pants. But with a few days remaining in his bid to be the next mayor, he's pulling out all the stops.

Tonight at the Sheraton Hotel, Green's got Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, Saturday Night Live's Jimmy Fallon, Daily Show host Jon Stewart and a slew of celebs turning out for one big final fundraiser. Queen Latifah is flying in from the set of the movie Chicago. And I'm told that Sen. Hillary Clinton and her husband, who used to be in government, will be on hand to watch Green get a ribbing from the Saturday Night Live crowd.

Hollywood: The Next Generation

Just when we were getting used to Colin Hanks, Tom's son, acting in Roswell on TV and trying to get movie parts, here come a slew of the next generation of Hollywood progeny.

First up is Eva Amurri, daughter of Susan Sarandon and Italian director Franco Amurri. Yesterday I received a press release for the opening of a new film which listed — as usual — expected celebrity guests who would attend the party. Lo and behold, there was 17-year-old Eva's name, right between two other established adult stars. And no mention of mom or stepdad Tim Robbins.

The publicist for the movie confirmed that Eva was expected. "Her publicist called her in," this other press person explained. Her publicist??? You go girl! Eva also makes her feature film debut next spring playing Sarandon's daughter in The Banger Sisters.

And Eva's not the only famous son or daughter hitting the screen directly from the crib. Jane Fonda's son, Troy Garity, has already made a splash with his role in Bandits, the Barry Levinson comedy. Now Martin Scorsese's daughter, Domenica, is filming an indie feature called Au Pair Chocolate (a play on pain au chocolat, I guess), in which she stars. Domenica is the daughter of Scorsese and Julia Cameron.

If that's not enough Peter O'Toole's daughter, Katie O'Toole, has just won something called the Barclay Best Actress Award in England and Ireland for her stage performance in Edward Albee's Three Tall Women. Peter — that's Lawrence of Arabia to you — is so happy that he's bringing Katie to New York for a week as a reward for finishing the run and winning the prize.

I could tell you which hotel he likes to stay in, but you wouldn't believe it even if I did. Let's just say it's not the Plaza, Carlyle or any of the usual suspects.

Butler Brings R&B to NPR

With the Pioneer Awards of the Rhythm and Blues Foundation quickly approaching (next Thursday at the Apollo Theatre) here's some happy news. The foundation has packaged 13 one-hour radio shows about the history of rhythm and blues music and sold them to National Public Radio. "Iceman" Jerry Butler hosts the history making series, which is radio at its best.

The Pioneer Awards are also selling a limited number of tickets to the Apollo show and reception preceding it. The tickets range from $25 to $500, but rest assured, even the lowest-price ticket is a bargain in this case. The Pioneer Awards are annually the best night of music and this year should be no exception.

Dionne Warwick and Isaac Hayes are hosting the event, with many special guests including the mesmerizing Al Green and the great Fontella Bass. I'm also told there's at least one surprise artist who may show to play the hits of an award winner, but mum's the word for now. The guy is considered royalty (wink wink).

For tickets call (202) 588-5566. Tell them this column sent you.

PS: If I were Michael Jackson, I'd buy a row of seats in the Apollo and perform at the show. I'm not your manager, Michael, but take heed: You are always welcome, I am assured, by Foundation insiders.

Just a Reminder Re: Travolta Film

We reported in this space just the other day that John Travolta had to film special footage for the TV commercial for Domestic Disturbance because the movie lacked the proper punch for promotion.

Now I'm wondering as the box office swings open today, which audience members will be the first to figure out the scenes from the commercial that never appear in the film.

In the commercial, Travolta faces the camera head-on, as if speaking to the movie's villain, and warns him that he will defend his young son, and that he's going to get the bad guy. What a hoot! The scenes don't even match in continuity — Travolta doesn't wear those clothes in the movie and his hair is different. Forget about the fact that the lines were concocted.

Well, that's Hollywood. Soon the movies will be teasers for the trailers. You never know …