Sanctuary Cities Breed Bankruptcy

Now if you don't remember a place called Maywood, that's OK — I often can't remember my pants. But it's a small bedroom town in L.A. that once passed a resolution supporting an Arizona boycott, after that state decided to enforce federal immigration laws.

Well, it was announced last month that Maywood is going to lay off all its employees, unload its police department and contract everything out to another city.

Somehow this story squeaked by me, probably because the city is just one square mile and has only 45,000 residents. And I'm drunk.

But the financial problems, some papers claim, stem from canceled insurance coverage due to millions in legal expenses blamed on its police department.

But maybe there's another reason: Officials claim that half of the town's population are there illegally. When you throw that in, bankruptcy makes sense. Sanctuary cities may make some folks feel warm and fuzzy, but it's financial folly. That's because cities fail without a tax base, and you don't have a tax base with people who don't pay taxes.

Worse, in a tiny town with a small budget, illegals who don't contribute still use services, so you have a drain on both ends. Top that off with legal problems, and you've got a ghost town without the ghosts.

And this leads to a simple question: Would you rather live in a state like Arizona that enforces a reasonable concept of legal immigration, or a town that ridicules that state but then eventually disappears under its own misguided BS?

I know where I'd live. You know, if I were allowed to cross state lines.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who attends Tea Parties in a hood.

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