Samuel L. Jackson, Katie Holmes, Greg Kinnear and The Ring

Samuel L. Jackson, Katie Holmes, Greg Kinnear and a spooky video all at the movies this weekend and all in the harsh glare of The Foxlight.

Sam Jackson actually wants to make a formula movie. But this one is called Formula 51 and it's about a chemist who invents an illegal super drug and goes to England to sell it. Call it a 'fish and chips outta water' tale.

But way more interesting than the movie's story is how it got made. A liquor store clerk wrote it for Jackson, sent it to him, and was shocked when Jackson wrote back saying he would star and produce. Nothing formula about that.

Next Katie Holmes is a long way from Dawson in Abandon. She's just trying to finish school but her pesky ex-boyfriend keeps showing up -- or does he? This is a case for cop Benjamin Bratt. And of course to properly work the case he better sleep with her. It gets more ridiculous but let's leave it there and agree with most critics who say Abandon is not only the title but a good course of action for moviegoers.

Greg Kinnear says he was body doubled for most of the porno flicks that appear in Auto Focus. Well, the hard core stuff anyway. Kinnear had access to Bob Crane's real X-rated home videos and photos. He looked at some of them before starting the movie, but he says "a little goes a long way." Auto Focus is about Crane's secret life as a sex addict.

Finally, when you look at The Ring you die two weeks later. Keep that in mind in case you have plans three weeks from now. Othwerwise perhaps this movie will open and two days later it will die. That seems more likely.