Sales Pitch

My car dealership rant must have hit a nerve.

I think I know why: Bad service has a way of sticking to you and with you.

That's not me telling you that. That's scores of good car dealers telling "me" that.

The good ones resent the bad ones. The good ones resent the fast buck con artists in their industry who wouldn't know decency from diesel. And the good ones know the bad ones are killing the business for them.

The good ones know the Internet can be a valuable tool and that an educated customer can be a loyal customer. But in their heart of hearts, bad dealers don't believe in the Internet. Bad dealers see it as a gimmick. Good dealers see it as a valuable tool.

Bad dealers only see a hot buyer when they can "see" a hot buyer. It's better to cajole them, bamboozle them, even lie to them.

Good dealers care. Bad dealers don't.

Good dealers stay in business. Bad dealers wait for business. They ignore everything and everyone that isn't staring them in their smarmy, phony faces or popping up like pathetic showroom prey on whom they can pounce and plunder with their cheap lies and even cheaper lines.

Sam Walton was right many years ago when he framed what would be Wal-Mart's promise to customers: "Please 'em once and you'll get 'em back twice. Please 'em twice, and you'll get 'em back for life."

Good dealers know ultimately good service is in your heart. Bad dealers have a tough time figuring out if they even have one.

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