Safer Vehicles Coming for Some Iraq Soldiers

Roadside bombs have been a favorite weapon of Iraqi insurgents — and a daily danger to U.S. soldiers in traditionally non-combat roles.

So a Texas-based company called Stewart & Stevenson (search) has designed a heartier truck cab for military vehicles that transport soldiers throughout Iraq.

The more securely armored cab can stop certain bullets from piercing its exterior. And, according to its makers, it can save passengers' lives if they accidentally drive over a landmine.

The Army (search) is spending about $33 million for nearly 400 of the tougher truck cabs.

The issue of adequately armored vehicles made headlines recently when soldiers in the 343rd Quartermaster Co. (search) in Iraq allegedly refused to drive their fuel-supply trucks when they were ordered to, calling it a "suicide mission."

The company's trucks weren't armored. The incident is still under investigation, and the Army says criminal charges are possible.

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