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I have posted today some pictures from our road show to Atlanta on Thursday night — click here to check them out. There are two pictures of Shepard Smith who was also on the road in Atlanta with his two shows. I snapped (and posted) some pics from behind the scene so that you can see what kind of work goes into setting up a remote show. I always feel sorry for the crew — after the show is over they still have to dismantle the set and pack the equipment.

After the show a bunch of us from the show sat around the hotel lobby talking to Jim Hammer and Jeff Brown. We rarely get to spend time with them, but after all these years of having them on the air, they seem like old friends. The same is true of Bernie and Ted and other panelists. I assume that many of you might feel the same way about some of our regular guests.

Our show will air from New York City at least twice this week.

Can you help me out? I am trying to understand the reasoning for some of the new TSA rules. Here is one: You can bring lip gloss into the cabin of an airplane (as carry-on), but only if you put the lip gloss in a plastic bag — which you can then put in your carry-on bag. You can't just have the lip gloss in your carry-on bag without the plastic bag. I must be missing something, but why the required plastic bag? E-mail me the explanation — thanks.

Check out the e-mails I have posted. I received many about now former Congressman Mark Foley. One of the AP articles I posted also says the White House suggests that there should be a criminal investigation and I have read papers this morning saying that the FBI is looking into the matter. If there is a full-scale criminal investigation, there could be trouble for others: accessory after the fact? Misprison of a felony? Failure to report a felony? We need many more facts before we can reach fair conclusions and we need an explanation why we are just hearing about this now which may be a political problem and not a criminal one, but my antenna is up for the possibility (and I emphasize possibility —we don't know) that there could be problems for more than just Foley.

E-mail No. 1

It has been reported that certain people are calling for Republicans to step forward who might have known about Mr. Foley's actions. Are these people not interested in the Democrats who knew and accepted the man's actions?
Walter Dixon

ANSWER: I think anyone who knew should step forward, but don't count on volunteers. I think people will have to be smoked out. By the way, I have posted an article below which explains what the Republican plan is about getting a replacement candidate for the election, which is a month away.

There is a second article that I have posted about Foley. Democrats are pushing for a probe, but the White House — it is suggested — wants a criminal probe. While I need to dust off my law books and see what exactly are the alleged crimes and the elements of the possible crimes, the first thing that comes to mind is "accessory after the fact" and "misprison of a felony." If there is an underlying crime committed by Foley, then anyone who "helped" him after the crime (including cover up) could possibly be charged as an accessory after the fact.

GOP leaders in Florida to vote on replacement candidate

FBI Examining Foley's E-mail to Teens

E-mail No. 2

Knowing how easily you get cold, I really felt for you last night airing your show outside in Atlanta last night. Wouldn't you know it? You came here and it was very windy and cool, not really our norm this early in the fall in "Hotlanta." It looked like you were broadcasting from Centennial Olympic Park with all the flags in the background. I hope someone from your show gave you a heating blanket as soon as you came off the air, as I sure didn't see one in your lap!

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
I can't find an e-mail address for Harris Faulkener, so if you would be so kind as to convey congrats on her job w/FOX I would appreciate it. She was and still is a classy and very professional newsperson. She is missed in the Twin Cities but FOX hired a winner! Do you know that she has a beautiful singing voice and can play piano as well?
Hudson, WI

ANSWER: I had no idea she sings and plays the piano (by the way, I took piano second, third and fourth grade and I was an absolute failure. The nun was not impressed with my lack of talent and/or reluctance to practice which only made it more difficult for me...)

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