Saddam Photo 'Offensive'

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Saddam Photo "Offensive"

Al Jazeera (search), the Arab news agency that has often aired pictures of dead American soldiers and tortured hostages -- including the beheading of American Nick Berg -- has finally drawn the line of decency.

A spokesman for the network says Al Jazeera will not show that picture of Saddam Hussein in his skivvies because it is, "demeaning to Iraqis and not news."

The Force Is with Luke

On the culture watch here at home, Benjamin Franklin (search) has been pushed aside for Luke Skywalker.

The Boston Museum of Science turned down a traveling exhibit honoring the 300th birthday of one of our founding fathers. The reason? To make room for a huge exhibit that traces the science behind the "Star Wars" movies. Yes, R2-D2 will be on display, but not Ben.