Saddam Clan Searching for a New Home?

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All Left Out
Former Vice President Gore continues to make news by staking out positions well to the left of his party's center. Last week, he came out for a single payer national health insurance program, something Hillary Clinton rejected a decade ago as too radical. Now, in an interview with Time Magazine, Gore characterized President Bush's economic policy as "catastrophic," his environmental approach as "immoral" and his foreign policy as "horrible." Gore added, "Our foreign policy, based on an openly proclaimed intention to dominate the world, is a recipe for getting our country in some of the worst trouble it's ever been in."

Falling Short?
If Gore hopes to win over Democratic Party insiders, a Los Angeles Times poll suggests he has some work to do. The Times polled about three quarters of the Democratic National Committee. Only 35 percent said he should run again, with 48 percent saying he should not. The rest were undecided. And the poll found that 46 percent had no current preference for their party's presidential nomination, with Gore being mentioned by 13 percent, followed by Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry at 10 percent.

Safe Haven for Saddam's Family
Libya is denying a report that it has made a deal with Saddam Hussein to provide safe haven for his family and leading members of his regime in exchange for $3.5 billion. But the London Observer reports that one of Saddam's top diplomats has been sounding out various Arab states to see which might be willing to grant asylum to Saddam's top aides and family. The paper said General Ali Hasan al-Majid, has been to Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, and the paper says others have visited Syria to scout out an overland escape route.

Ordered Off the Walls
Remember that post office in the town of Cut and Shoot, Texas, which was refusing to take down a poster bearing the national motto, "In God We Trust." The poster, one of several hundred donated by a retired chemical engineer, to be hung on the walls of public buildings, was ordered off the walls of post offices because it violated department regulations against handbills and fliers. But it now turns out that the House of Representatives had passed a resolution calling for the motto to be posted in public buildings nationwide and the post office is now creating its own poster with the motto to be shown in all 38,000 of its branches.