Russian Police Commander, Family Shot and Killed

Gunmen shot and killed a police commander, his three young children, driver and bodyguard in the troubled southern Russian province of Ingushetia on Friday, the region's deputy prosecutor said.

Musa Nalgiyev, chief of riot police in Ingushetia, was attacked on his way to work around 9 a.m, deputy prosecutor Dmitry Gurulyov said.

Two or three assailants fired on Nalgiyev's car, then managed to escape, Gurulyov said.

Also Friday, the deputy administrator in a village near the border with war-torn Chechnya, was killed in a drive-by shooting, the regional branch of Russia's Interior Ministry said.

Chechnya has been torn by separatist conflict for most of the past 12 years and violence has also spread to other parts of Russia's restive North Caucasus, a mainly Muslim region where tension fueled by poverty, corruption and Islamic radicalism has increased in recent years.

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