Rush's Bum Rap

Rush Limbaugh (search) is off the air. But his critics are only just now getting on his back. As he tries to kick his prescription drug habit, those who hate him are just kicking him. I say, give it a rest.

I'll admit it: I'm biased. I like Rush. He's a kind and decent man and, few people know, a very, very generous man as well. Generous with his time and his money.

But I'm not here to sing his praises. I am here to put things in perspective. Taking painkillers to stop pain doesn't make you a sinner. It does make you human.

Many celebrities wear their frailties on their sleeves. They make themselves causes. Leave it to Rush himself to say, he is neither a cause nor a hero.

He's built his career going after all that is politically correct. So it's not surprising that all who are politically correct are building their careers now going after him.

They call it outrageous this drug habit of Rush's. Yet they barely blinked an eye at the repeated drug habits of actor Robert Downey, Jr. His vices were OK. Rush's were not.

They call him a hypocrite for pointing fingers. Yet they never said boo when a certain president pointed his finger.

There's nothing wrong with being human and failing. There is everything wrong with being selective and phony.

I'm not fit to lecture you on healthy eating. Far be it from some liberals to lecture anyone on healthy lifestyles.

Rush never called himself a saint. His sin was calling liberals on the carpet. Yet his was always about the policy of the person, not the person.

Again, I'm biased. I like Rush. I admire Rush. So, I'm sticking by Rush and I'm praying for Rush.

Keeping people in the dark about your inner pain doesn't make you bad. It does make you vulnerable. Vulnerable to enemies you know you had and to so-called friends you thought you had.

Rush, all I'm saying is there are a lot of people out there still not keen on you. Please know there are far more -- far more – people that are still very much rooting for you.

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