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Check out the behind-the-scenes pics posted today. The pics show the behind the scenes from our interview with former President Clinton. (We aired it in two parts — Thursday night and Friday night.) We have to test out the lighting before any guest arrives, so you see one pic of me sitting in a chair with colleague Wendy Dawson in the other chair. Another pic shows the room (what you don't see when we air the interview) and another pic is of the media room at the Clinton Global Initiative. (The media gathers in this single room and each person in the media can decide which panel at the Initiative to watch and for how long.) The other pics are self-explanatory.

This Thursday we are in Atlanta to begin our show's "road trip" celebration of FOX News Channel's 10 years on the air. Other FNC shows have already been on the road to celebrate and thank the many viewers. I am not sure how the network decided which show goes to which city... I am just happy to go out and thank viewers. Towards the end of October we are going to Vegas to continue the celebration and thanking of viewers.

I have spent a bit of time in Atlanta. I used to work for CNN and its headquarters were there when I worked for CNN... and, no, the CNN management has not asked me to stop by and say hello while I am in town. I do still have lots of friends at CNN, but the top management is completely new since I left and I know no one.

As you may have noted, our FOX programming schedule in the daytime has changed. I am anxious to see the new shows. I am as curious as other viewers. My colleagues who got the new shows are very excited. I am excited for them.

I got an e-mail from my colleague Adam Housley over the weekend. He is excited about the wine harvest for his family's wine. His family has a small vineyard in California. He said this is a "good year."

My colleague Steve Doocy ("FOX and Friends") has a new book coming out in a few weeks. I read an advance copy (the galley). It is very funny.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Just read your blog and e-mails. I believe that once someone has served as the president you would refer to him as president. It's like a military officer. Believe me, you do not call a retired general or rear admiral former general or former rear admiral, it is disrespectful in their eyes.
Lee's Summit, MO

E-mail No. 2

Beth is going to Holland to do an interview with Robert Jansen. He is known to bash the guest and use bad language. I wonder if she will stop to see Joran? If she does she best watch her drink closely! Looks like we will just have to get all of our information off the Internet.

ANSWER: Beth told me last week that she would be going to Holland to do a TV show. I don't know Robert Jansen and I don't know anything about his show.

E-mail No. 3

Last week I heard your interview with Mrs. Bush. She mentioned an educational forum that will take place in Qatar in March. Because of my husband's job with ExxonMobil, we are being transferred to Qatar and I also had to quit my teaching job. I would LOVE to know if the general public will be invited to listen to the discussions. I was teaching in a Title I school and would like to hear what will be done with the students in poor areas. It is an enormous challenge for all of us. If you could get me some info I would love it. I tried to contact the White House but unfortunately I am only an elementary school teacher! I love your show and really enjoyed your visits with Mrs. Bush.
M. K. LaSeur

ANSWER: I don't have any details about her trip, but I have posted your e-mail in case anyone who does know will send a note in reply.

E-mail No. 4

Why no news on the Natalee Holloway case? Ed Dames the remote viewer claims to know exactly where the body is and Larry Garrison says there is a deep throat talking. Beth is on her way to do a TV interview with Robert Jansen in Holland. I hope she is not walking into a trap as I was reading on the Internet that he is known for attacking his guest and uses language that would make Howard Stern blush. Please give us some answerers!
John Ray

E-mail No. 5

There is so much I want to say. I am sick of Democrats and Republicans. While we sit here babbling over which president got a pass on terrorism, plans are on the drawing board for another attack. Past time to wake up. Both presidents messed up royally and more importantly Congress, the CIA, etc. are not doing their job. Too many parties in Washington taking the attention away from the "real world." Too much fiddling going on. This new coalition of nations that hate our guts love to see us battling among ourselves. They know our weaknesses better than we do. At this point I don't care who takes the blame. I want something done. Talk! Talk! Talk! By politicians and news reporters.
I think there is a huge consensus of mistrust of our government be ye Demo or Repub. That is not good in these times. We are being attacked from without and we do a great job of spending too much time and energy fighting among ourselves.
The nations that breed these terrorists must be held accountable for not doing more to stop the "tactic" of terrorism. There must be offensive action taken to show what these people are doing with a "negative" PR program. The U.N. is useless as shown with Hezbollah's refusal to abide by the U.N. rules among all the others.
Both Clinton and Bush have had eight years to move us away from our dependence on oil and very little has been done by either. Sixteen years. I remember 1973 and the long gas lines. Why has noting been done in 33 years? Other nations are less dependent than we are.
Respectfully submitted,
Bill Dorey

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