Road Rules

You know the great thing about my book tour? I've been able to take my show on the road.

To get out of New York, which is a perfectly great place, and meet a lot of great people from a lot of other great places.

I recommend it heartily.

I hope you don't lose my voice like I did on my tour for my book, "More Than Money," but I hope you get a chance to see the country.

I'm not only talking today, here in Michigan for my chat with Vice President Cheney.

I'm talking places like Birmingham and Nashville and Atlanta and Vienna, Virginia, and Washington and Boston and Chicago and San Diego and Orlando and on and on and on.

For my colleagues in the press, I heartily recommend it. It's gets us outside of ourselves and our media-centric world to a world where people celebrate little things, like a late night ice cream with friends and family.

A world where they make a big deal out of flag ribbons and pins -- they've given me more than a few. Where little league games are big. And a chance to talk to some big city, fancy-schmancy author is big too.

Little do they know that it's bigger for me to see them. And laugh with them about my big head just as much as about my big book.

It's a part of the world that worships God and country, decency and honesty. Good men and women just trying to do a good day's work.

You know, when some of my media friends insist this country's going to hell, I like to tell them: Not the country I'm looking at.

Not the woman who told me she's dying of cancer, but loving every minute she's got left.

Not the dad who bragged to me at a book signing about his kid in Iraq and how proud he was of him, or the young couple volunteering their services to help military families in their town.

I see it in every town, in every city, in every part of this great country we visit.

My book is called "More Than Money." I might just have done a follow-up: "More Than I Ever Knew."

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