Rising Postal Prices

You got to hand it to the post office for their timing.

Just as we’re in the midst of buying those big rolls of stamps for Christmas cards, word comes that we’re in for another hike in the price of a stamp. The price of a single, first-class stamp is expected to go up to 41 cents.

That means we’re going to have to buy all those extra temporary stamps to stick next to a regular stamp until our old stamp rolls run out. It also means that a lot of businesses are going to be hit hard by another cost increase, which of course they’ll pass on to the rest of us. And it probably means that a lot of folks are going to stop buying as many stamps and send e-mails instead.

So even though the post office gets more money per stamp, they may end up with less revenue in the long run. In fact, the post office’s revenue for first-class stamps fell by more than $100 million in the first half of this year. Now usually when a company can't move a product, they put it on sale. They don't increase the price. But that's our post office.

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