Rights Groups Blur Good and Bad

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A viewer wrote to me last week, saying that he was fed up with groups like Amnesty International (search), who say that lines are getting blurred between what terrorists have been doing and what our own troops have been accused of doing. What this viewer then did is something that I really don't recommend. But it put things in perspective.

He went online and found the horrific video of Nick Berg (search) being beheaded. He could barely get through it. But he did, and nothing, he told me, did more to clear up any doubt about who represents good and who represents evil.

While we've had the inevitable slips in conduct in the course of fighting the war, the enemy's goal is to make barbarous behavior routine.

The problem with Amnesty International and groups like it, says Natan Sharansky (search), a survivor of the Soviet Gulag, is that it doesn't acknowledge two very different world visions. "In the democratic world,” Sharansky tells Time Magazine this week, “there are violations of human rights, but they are revealed and dealt with. In a fear society, there are no violations of human rights because human rights just don't exist."

So on this Memorial Day, seek out men and women in uniform and thank them for risking their lives for freedom. But also thank them for putting up with the idiots who want to belittle their sacrifice by blurring the line between good and evil.

And that's the Observer.

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