Richardson on Edwards Endorsing Obama

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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Well, after months of speculation John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama during a rally in Grand Rapids earlier tonight. Joining us now is Obama supporter and former presidential candidate, New Mexico governor Bill Richardson.

Governor, welcome back to our show.


COLMES: Are you at all surprised by the Edwards endorsement? I thought a few days ago he said he was going to wait it out and not make one.

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RICHARDSON: Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I think it's an important endorsement because it signals that Senator Edwards and possibly his 19 delegates go to Senator Obama. He's got tremendous appeal with white, blue-collar voters. It should help in states like Kentucky.

But this is another signal that perhaps this nomination and this race is coming to an end.

COLMES: Have you heard from the Clinton people at all lately? Have you fractured relationships with them because of your endorsement of Barack Obama?

RICHARDSON: Well, there's still a little tenderness. Yes, I've heard from some, but, you know, obviously, there's going to be a need for healing among all Democrats, Obama supporters, Clinton supporters, because what we need to do is unify us, come together, before the convention. We can't continue this divisiveness.

Look at what John McCain is doing. He's going out to states like Oregon that are Democratic talking about the environment, climate change. He's got a free ride, and we're still fighting.

COLMES: Are you saying that Hillary should get out now so there will be no more fighting and there can be a nominee apparent?

RICHARDSON: No, I think she should wait until the last primary. We've got five or six to go. I know we're going to do very well in Oregon, but I think eventually Senator Obama's ahead by — he needs 134 more delegates. I think those are going to happen by June 3rd with the 27 superdelegates that happened last week.

And I think rather than keep fighting over Michigan and fighting over Florida and trying to change the rules that we should come together and unify behind Senator Obama, the nominee. But she's run a good-spirited race, she deserves a lot of credit, she should stay in, but after June 3rd, Alan.


RICHARDSON: . I think it's time to get together.

COLMES: Now, I know the standard answer is: you love your current job, you don't want to leave New Mexico, you've done a great job there, you know where I'm going with this. But you know, there's all kinds of speculation about what move Obama might make in terms of a vice president. Have you thought about it? Had any talks about it? Have any thoughts on who a good — I know there are about three or four questions in there — person might be?

RICHARDSON: Well, this is premature still. You know, this is Senator Obama's choice. It's a very important choice not just for winning the election, but for the future of the country.

Look, you know, I can't preclude something like that, but you are right, I'm very happy where I am, I love being governor.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Oh you're dogding there. I'm calling you out on that.

RICHARDSON: But you know, you can't turn your.

COLMES: I told you that would be answer.

HANNITY: I'm calling you out on that. Come on, don't dodge that question. If he.

RICHARDSON: Well, you can't.

HANNITY: If he called and asked you to take the job, would you take it?

RICHARDSON: Well, you can't turn your back on something like that, but I'm not pining for it, I'm not running any campaign.

HANNITY: I understand.

RICHARDSON: I'm very happy riding my horse, you know, staying out here in New Mexico.

HANNITY: All right. Let me ask you this.

RICHARDSON: I'm happy doing what.

HANNITY: What — by the way, Governor, good to see you. Welcome back to the program. We always appreciate you being here...

RICHARDSON: Thanks, Sean.

HANNITY: ...even though some people called you — what was it, Judas?

RICHARDSON: Yes, yes, among other things.

HANNITY: Oh boy. All right. Let me ask you. What is it about — I think there were six appointees in the Clinton administration including yourself that have ended up supporting Barack Obama, people like Kerry, people like Kennedy, people like Leahy, people like Durbin. I mean the people that knew Hillary best, the Clintons best, supported Barack Obama.

Does that speak — does that say anything about Hillary?

RICHARDSON: No, you know, Sean, it was a very tough call for me. But I — we've got to remember, I was in this race against Senator Clinton, and I felt that the country needed a different kind of leadership.


RICHARDSON: I was very loyal to President Clinton, but, no, Sean, I think I — I really think Obama is a one-of-a-kind leader who can bring the country together, and that's when I went in with him.

HANNITY: If you look at these poles from earlier in the week that we've been discussion here tonight, 51 percent, Governor, 51 percent believe he shares the views of Reverend Wright, which is why he probably stayed there 20 years, why he wouldn't dissociate himself until the very end. 28 percent of Democrats in this exit polling in West Virginia would vote for Senator McCain over Barack Obama.

And I think the most telling, 51 percent do not believe he's honest and trustworthy, and I think a lot of this stems from him saying, "Oh, I didn't know my pastor was this way."

Is this going to be problematic for him?

RICHARDSON: Well, you know, the public is just getting to know Senator Obama, but I can give you other statistics, Sean. He's very strong with independent voters than most of any Democratic presidential candidate.

HANNITY: Not as strong as McCain. And he's not winning Reagan Democrats, Governor.

RICHARDSON: Well, I think that you are going to see white, blue-collar Democrats once the party comes together, once there's one nominee, unite around this bipartisan unifier.

HANNITY: You mean...

RICHARDSON: And I think he handled that Reverend Wright issue very well.

HANNITY: You mean those...

RICHARDSON: He was up front about it.

HANNITY: He was not. He was not up front about it.

RICHARDSON: It was a problem.

HANNITY: Governor, he was not upfront about it. He disinvited him. He said that's not the man I knew for 20 years. I can no longer disown this pastor than the black community. Then he disowned him and all the pastor did was reinforced what he had said earlier.

But wait a minute, those Reagan Democrats, you mean those bitter, angry people, that are clinging to their guns, God, their bibles, religion, with antipathy toward those who are unlike them? You mean those people?

RICHARDSON: Those are going to come back to Senator Obama. You watch.


RICHARDSON: Here's a man that is bipartisan, that is bringing people together, that is talking about the middle class. You know, Sean...

HANNITY: They're bitter?

RICHARDSON:'s going to be easy to run — it's going to be easy to run against eight years of a war that is not working.


RICHARDSON: . environmental policies that aren't working, a middle class, gas prices, you know, I could go recite the stats just like you.

HANNITY: The number one liberal in the Senate, and look, I've given you credit and props before, you are a tax-cutting, Democratic governor that has had a tremendous impact — positive impact on the economics of your state, and he wants to raise taxes.

COLMES: Would you vote for him if he's on the ticket?

HANNITY: I like Governor Richardson.

COLMES: You'll vote for Obama/Richardson?

HANNITY: Governor Richardson, it would be the kiss of death for me to endorse him.

But Governor, thank you for being with us.

RICHARDSON: Thank you, guys. Thank you.

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