Retailers Are Happy, But I Suspect Media Is Not

Nineteen percent. That's a big number.

If you got a 19 percent raise, you'd be jumping for joy.

If your property taxes went up 19 percent, you would not be jumping for joy.

Because 19 percent is almost 20 percent, which is a really big number. And if something's going up that much, there's really not much other way to spin it.

It's a big deal. Just ask almost any retailer this past weekend.

Because that's how much more shoppers spent this past Thanksgiving weekend than "last" Thanksgiving weekend — 19 percent more.

That's 140 million shoppers, spending on average slightly more than $360. A lot more than the $302 they spent last year.

As I said, about 19 percent more. Again, it is a big number. But apparently to much of the media, it's not a big deal.

More talk about how Wal-Mart disappointed. Not much talk about how almost everyone else did not. I have a theory on that.

Frankly, Wal-Mart's been bashed in the press so much, I'm surprised anyone's showing up there. Still, its stores were busy too.

But most who report on this stuff were busier reporting what stinks, not what soars.

Stuff like flat screen TVs, big. Electronic toys, big. Toys of all sorts, big. Cheap shoppers, not big.

I know it's still early. Certainly too early to say things will be great.

But also way, way too early to say they won't.

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