The United Nations envoy who helped put together Iraq's new government urged Iraqis on Wednesday to accept the new interim leadership and work toward national elections — the next major step in the country's advance toward democracy.

However, Iraq's largest Shiite political party said it had reservations about the system used for choosing the government, which was announced Tuesday by U.N. envoy Lakhdar Brahimi. The government takes power June 30 until new elections due by Jan. 31.

Resolution solution: Set a date, or need to wait?

A sample of your responses:

By all means, we need to wait and see before setting a withdrawal date for our forces. Further, the French, Germans, and Russians should not be allowed to conduct any business with the Iraqis until the extent of their involvement in the corruption of the "oil for food" program is determined.
Jim B.
Gainesville, GA

What we need to resolve is what we need to solve. Iraq is on a commercial contract for 30 day "stay of resolution". This will not happen.
Paul W.
Gold Coast, Australia

Of course Iraq is closer to Democracy with the naming of the new interim Government. Thirty days ahead of schedule. The thing that kills me is the Left Media keeps playing up the "fighting" between the players over there.
Dan H.

Can you think of a better date to turn over the country [Iraq] than July 4th, 2006! It would be on the 230th anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence. And from that day forth when they celebrate their independence, maybe they’ll remember the Americans who died to accomplish it!
G.M. Dinerman

President Bush needs to take lesson from Bill Parcels - he doesn't announce his game plan to Joe Gibbs 2 weeks before the game!
Dallas, TX

The U.S. should make as few public statements as possible, leaving most pronouncements to the new Iraqi government. We should also do what the President has done as far as the long-term dates of troops pulling out of Iraq: use terms such as "leave BY January 2006."
Thanks for animated discussions and SOLID reporting
Dr. Linda S.
Council Bluffs, IA

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