Residents Shocked When 800 Neo-Nazis Invade Town for 'Music Festival'

A British village expecting a scooter and music festival found itself invaded by more than 800 neo-Nazis instead.

Racist skinheads from across Britain, Germany and Eastern Europe arrived draped in swastika flags.

Wearing leather jackets and army boots, they stomped through the streets chanting: “Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil,” a Nazi WWII chant meaning “hail victory.”

Horrified locals watched as the beer and whisky-drinking supremacists urinated over cars and threatened anyone who dared intervene.

Sarah Gooding — who filmed the mob — told how her family fled their cottage in terror.

“It was like a miniature Nuremberg rally,” Gooding, 39, said. “I ran inside, burst into tears and said to my husband, ‘We’ve got to go, I don’t feel safe.’ Our daughters were really, really frightened. They were in tears as we were packing our bag to flee.”

The Bungalow Inn had provided a two-acre field with a marquee for the weekend-long “scooter and music festival” after being contacted by record company ISD.

Bosses were unaware that ISD bills itself as the world’s “oldest and most dependable White Nationalist Movement CD label” — or that the event marked the 15th anniversary of the death of a cult skinhead band’s frontman.

On Wednesday night police inspector Steve Date said: “We are conducting a thorough investigation into a complaint about racist chanting.”

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