Republicans Hold House

Republicans retained their control of the House of Representatives Tuesday in a race that held few surprises.

Heavily-favored incumbents pulled off a nation-wide sweep, emerging mostly victorious even in the handful of races that were truly competitive. It was a welcome trend for Republicans, who entered Tuesday's House race with a 227-205 majority and fought hard to extend their decade long reign.

In Kentucky's 4th District, Republicans snatched an open Democratic seat with businessman Geoff Davis's (search) defeat of Democrat Nick Clooney (search), father of actor George Clooney (search). In the 3rd District, Republican Anne Northup (search) won re-election to a fifth term, defeating Democratic challenger Tony Miller (search)

Democrats made a successful run at knocking off the longest-serving Republican in the chamber, Illinois Rep. Philip Crane (search), a staunch conservative who had represented suburban Chicago's Eighth District for more than three decades. Crane lost a contentious race Tuesday to Democratic challenger Melissa Bean (search).

Redistricting in Texas helped Republicans knock off Democrats. GOP challengers Louis Gomhert (search) and Ted Poe (search) ousted Democrats Max Sandlin (search) and Nick Lampson (search) in Texas 1st and 2nd Districts. In Texas' 32nd District, where redistricting pitted two incumbents against each other, Republican Pete Sessions beat Democrat Martin Frost (search). GOP incumbent Randy Neugebauer (search) held his seat in the 19th District.

President Bush's congressman, Democrat Chet Edwards (search) whose district includes Crawford, held onto his seat in a tight race against Republican Arlene Wohlgemuth (search).

In Connecticut, Republican Reps. Christopher Shays (search) and Rob Simmons (search) held onto their seats, despite tough challenges by Democrats who attempted to paint the two moderates as Bush clones who voted in lockstep with the GOP.

Incumbents were coasting to re-election from Minnesota to Florida as well, including former presidential hopeful Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich (search). Incumbent Republicans Barbara Cubin (search) of Wyoming and Michael Castle (search) of Delaware held onto their seats; Democrat Rep. Earl Pomeroy (search) of North Dakota was re-elected to a seventh term.

In Colorado's 7th District, Republican Rep. Bob Beauprez (search) defeated Democratic challenger Dave Thomas (search). GOP incumbent Denny Rehberg (search) fought off Democrat Tracy Valazquez (search) in Montana's 1st District, and in Alaska, Republican Don Young (search) was re-elected.

The chamber's top leaders — including Speaker Dennis Hastert (search), R-Ill., and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (search), D-Calif. — breezed to re-election.

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Arizona: Renzi Leads Incumbents in Sweep

U.S. Rep. Rick Renzi's defeats Democratic challenger Paul Babbitt, as incumbents win statewide.

Alaska: 16-Term Republican Beats Dem Unknown

At-large Republican Don Young, fourth in seniority among House Republicans, won a 17th term Tuesday.

Colorado: Salazar Outlasts Walcher

Democrat John Salazar outlasted Republican Greg Walcher to pick up an open House seat in a western Colorado district the size of Florida early Wednesday, and will join his brother in Washington in an unusual one-two punch for a veteran Colorado ranching family.

With 92 percent of precincts reporting, Salazar had 139,787, or 51 percent, and Walcher had 126,868 votes, or 46 percent. Salazar, a one-term lawmaker and a potato farmer, will replace GOP Rep. Scott McInnis, who is retiring after six terms.

Connecticut: Shays, Simmons Fend Off Dem Challenge

Republican incumbents hold onto seats in two tightly contested districts.

Georgia: Democrat Jim Marshall Wins Re-election

Rematched with Republican challenger Calder Clay, Democratic Rep. Jim Marshall holds onto his seat in the 3rd District. But first term Republican Max Burns loses to Democrat John Barrow.

Illinois: Crane Loses Tight Race to Dem Challenger

Republican Rep. Philip M. Crane, who served Illinois 8th District for three decades in Congress, lost Tuesday to Democrat challenger Melissa Bean.

Kentucky: Republicans Davis, Northup Beat Dem Opponents

Republican Geoff Davis beat Democrat Nick Clooney, father of famous actor George, for an open seat in the 4th District; in the 3rd District, Republican Anne Northup won re-election to a fifth term, defeating Democrat Tony Miller.

Louisiana: Two of Three Open Houses Head for Run Offs

In the Pelican State, newly minted Republic Rodney Alexander sailed to re-election despite last minute party switch, while two of three open seats--including the one vacated by retiring Republican Rep. Billy Tauzin--will be decided in run offs.

New Mexico: Wilson, Pearce Declare Victory

Republican incumbent Heather Wilson celebrated her re-election, but Democrat opponent Richard Romero has refused to concede. In the southern 2nd District, Republican Rep. Steve Pearce defeated challenger Gary King, son of former New Mexico Gov. Bruce King.

South Dakota: Herseth Beats Diedrich in Second Showdown

Democrat Stephanie Herseth beat Republican Larry Diedrich Tuesday in their race to serve as South Dakota's lone member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Herseth's House Win Could Lead to Senate Bid

Analysts see big future for South Dakota's new Congresswoman.

Texas: Redistricting Helps GOP Knock Off Dems

In a race that pitted two incumbents against each other, Republican Pete Sessions beat Democrat Martin Frost.

Texas: DeLay Wins 11th Term

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay survives ethics scandal and sweeps challenger.

Texas: Democrat Wins Tight Race in Bush Country

Seven-term Democrat Rep. Chet Edwards, whose district includes President Bush's ranch, was the only one of five targeted Democrats Tuesday to survive Republican redistricting.

Washington: GOP Nabs Open Seat, Dems Lead Incumbent Sweep

Republican political prodigy Cathy McMorris beat Democrat hotel magnate Donald Barbieri for a seat famously lost by former House Speaker Tom Foley a decade ago. In the 8th District, King County Sheriff Dave Reichert leads radio talk show host Dave Ross 52 percent to 47, but Ross will not concede.

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