Reporting Begins With Local Stories

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A quick note on Scott Peterson (search), which is a subject I’m not too crazy about.

I much prefer reporting on acts of heroism and decency than detailing acts of cowardice and deception. My journalistic juices start flowing with war stories, revolutions and political debates... not so much with local crime stories.

But reporting really begins with local stories. Our lives begin and end with the communities in which we live, and the smallest community is the family. I think that’s why the Peterson case has stirred up so much interest. Folks want to make sure that our communities are safe, from what goes on in our homes to what happens in our neighborhoods. And reporting on the prosecution of an evil act to destroy a family is very much a part of our job.

We'll get back to the bigger fish. But for now, justice for the murders of Laci and Connor Peterson (search) deserves our attention.

And that’s the Asman Observer.

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