It was the most talked about moment at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday, but sources close to MTV say that the Sacha Baron Cohen’s infamous crotch-landing in Eminem’s face was all part of a grand comedic plan.

According to the Hollywood Insider, sources confirmed that Eminem was fully aware and consented to participate in what seemed like a brilliant prank. Dressed as his character Bruno, in white angel wings and a thong, Cohen flew into the audience from a high-wire harness and landed crotch-first into the face of the seemingly-angry rapper.

The audience watched with nervous laughter as Bruno landed with his legs wrapped around Eminem’s head, saying “Eminem, nice to meet you.”

Eminem can be heard cursing and saying “Are you serious?” before his entourage pushes the comedian off the rapper. Cohen later says, “Don’t touch me guys, I’ve already got a boyfriend! Is this the real Slim Shady about to stand up?”

Eminem and his entourage later stormed out of the show.

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But even comedy writer Scott Aukerman, who says he was one of the head writers for the show, claims that the whole act was staged, and that the rapper and comedian even rehearsed the skit.

“Yes, the Bruno/Eminem incident was staged,” he wrote. “That’s all anyone wants to talk about, so lets get it out of the way … They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then.”

According to a report in the U.K’s Sun, Paris Hilton was intended to be Bruno’s victim, but refused participation.

The perennial party-girl was reportedly approached by producer Mark Burnett, but turned it down, and was “quite happy” she did.