Report: Riot Police Called After Murder Suspect Arrives in Dublin Court Naked

Dublin police called out the riot guard Monday after a murder suspect appeared at his bail hearing naked.

The Irish Independent reported that police had to deploy the riot gardai after Warren Dumbrell, 32, refused to dress for his appearance at Cloverhill District Court in Dublin and was taken in nothing but shackles to the proceedings.

Police in full riot gear cleared the courthouse after an altercation occurred at the prison facility where Dumbrell was being held, the paper reported. The suspect later appeared before a judge in nothing but an oversized T-shirt.

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Dumbrell, along with his 26-year-old brother Jeffrey, are charged with the murder of Christopher Cawley, a father of six, the paper reported.

The judge denied bail and Dumbrell was sent to Cork prison as punishment for Monday's outburst.

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