Report: Nurse Died From AIDS Seven Years After Accidental Needle Prick

A 42-year-old nurse died from AIDS seven years after she accidentally pricked her thumb with a needle she had used on a patient, an inquest in the U.K. was told this week.

Juliet Young was wearing gloves but soon after the accident at Maudsley Mental Health Hospital in South-East London, she was diagnosed with HIV, it was reported in the Daily Mail.

Young later developed AIDS and died of pneumonia in January of last year, according to the report.

The inquest into her death held in Southwark, U.K., was told that the Maudsley hospital was not equipped with a disposable device normally used to treat known-HIV sufferers so Young had to use another needle, it was reported.

The Glasgow-born nurse was aware that the patient she was working on was HIV positive and went for tests after she was stuck by the needle. The tests showed she had contracted HIV, according to the report.

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