Report: French Teen Suffocates After Parents Lock Him in Hot Car Overnight

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A French couple is facing involuntary homicide charges after they locked their thirteen-year-old son inside of a car on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe and he suffocated to death, Sky News reported Tuesday.

According to the Sky News report, the couple was on vacation with their son when they left him sleeping inside of the locked vehicle for more than 12 hours as they retired to their villa following a night out with friends.

The teen reportedly tried desperately to escape from the vehicle – where police said temperatures would have soared to more than 120 degrees – slashing at the upholstery with scissors and hitting the reinforced windows, Sky News said.

“There were signs in the car that he had fought to get out, but it was a very high security new model car that could not be opened from the inside,” a police spokesman said.

His body was discovered on the back seat of the security SUV, parked in the sunshine, when his parents awoke at 10 a.m. the next morning.

The identity of the parents, both from Paris, was not immediately released. Police are investigating the incident.

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