Report: Elisabeth Hasselbeck 'Really Upset' With 'View' Co-Hosts

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is ''really upset'' with her "View" co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar about the presidential election, a longtime staff member of the show reportedly told the Chicago Sun-Times.

''It's not as bad as during the Rosie [O'Donnell] era,'' the source added, but said it's bad enough that ''View'' creator Barbara Walters has called a ''cooling off'' meeting between the conservative Hasselbeck and the more liberal Goldberg and Behar.

In July, Hasselbeck was in tears after a discussion about the use of the n-word, in which Goldberg told her the two "don't live in the same world."

Earlier this month, O'Donnell said her former co-host Hasselbeck and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin are "identical cousins ... women who hunt in high heels."

Left-leaning O'Donnell chose to depart the ABC daytime talk show "The View" earlier than planned last year following an on-air confrontation with Hasselbeck.

As a featured guest on "The Martha Stewart Show" in April, O'Donnell referred to Hasselbeck as "a little Republican who scared me."

Last year, Hasselbeck said she tried to keep her cool during her on-air spat with O'Donnell, in which a political discussion over the war in Iraq became heated when an angry O'Donnell decried Hasselbeck for not standing up for her when media outlets suggested that she'd called U.S. troops "terrorists" during a previous debate.

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