Report: Christian Bale Confronted Mother After She Insulted Wife

"The Dark Knight" star Christian Bale confronted his mother on Sunday after she allegedly insulted his wife, the U.K.'s Daily Mail reported.

Sources close to the Batman actor, who was arrested on Tuesday on an assault claim, told the Mail that Bale "flew off the handle" at London's Dorchester hotel after Jenny Bale said "some outrageous things."

The Welsh-born actor, 34, was arrested and released on bail without being charged with assault, which he has denied.

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Meanwhile, sources directly connected to the Bale case told that Bale pushed or brushed his mom out of the way during the alleged altercation, but she was not hurt and did not fall down.

There are also reports circulating that Bale was arrested for verbal assault. In England, there are two classes of verbal assault, Class 4 and Class 5. Class 4 is more aggravated than 5, with "an intent to cause alarm."

Bale is also said to have become depressed over the death of close friend and "Dark Knight" co-star Heath Ledger, the Mail reports.

"Christian was stressed, but he didn’t lay a finger on anyone. Instead, he flew off the handle and cussed his mother," a source said. "He just got very loud because his mother was saying some very outrageous things about him, and his wife.

"Christian's attitude is that this was his mother's fault because she became very provocative in an argument they were having," the source said, adding: "Things got out of control and he now says he wishes he just left the room.

The incident apparently comes at a time when his marriage to Sandra "Sibi" Blazic, a former model and makeup artist and the mother of the couple's young daughter, is enduring difficulties, according to the Mail.

"He has stresses in his marriage," the source said. "He can have a terrible temper. Instead of lashing out at his wife, he sometimes lashes out at people around him."

Bale's wife, who has been married to him for eight years, was by his side at the London premiere of "The Dark Knight," which was also attended by co-stars Sir Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart.

British media reported that Bale's mother and sister told police he assaulted them at the Dorchester Hotel in London on Sunday night, a day before attending the European premiere of "The Dark Knight." The Sun newspaper said the complaint was filed by sister Sharon Bale and mother Jenny Bale.

However, Bale's mother Jenny told the Daily Mail she was not the one who called police.

"Yes I was there and yes there was a family situation but the police are handling it and I cannot say any more at the moment. We didn't call the police to the scene. I can't say any more but we didn't call the police."

A woman thought to be Bale's sister, Sharon, told reporters, "it's a family matter," from her home in Corfe Mullen, 110 miles southwest of London.

Sharon initially denied any knowledge of an assault, but then admitted there was "an incident."

"There was an incident but the police are dealing with it. It is an extremely sensitive situation," she said, according to the Daily Mail.

Reports of Bale's arrest surfaced just days after "The Dark Knight," which co-stars Heath Ledger as Batman's nemesis the Joker, took a record $158.4 million at the box office in its opening weekend.

The Sun said police did not question the actor Monday because they did not want to interfere with the premiere of the movie. The next scheduled stops on the film's European premiere tour were Madrid on Wednesday and Tokyo on July 28.

In the sequel to "Batman Begins," Bale reprises the role of wealthy playboy Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alter-ego Batman, a brooding vigilante superhero still scarred by the murder of his parents.

In his destructive battle of wits with the Joker, Batman pushes his own ethical boundaries, and ultimately is forced into the shadows. Winding up what may be the darkest — and most critically acclaimed — superhero movie ever, Bale's Batman truly becomes, as coined by Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred: "The Dark Knight."

Bale first made a splash as the child star of Steven Spielberg's "Empire of the Sun" in 1987 and as an adult has made his name with intense screen roles. His earlier films include "American Psycho" and "The Machinist."

Bale is the youngest of four children and is the stepson of Gloria Steinem.

Bale's current project is playing John Connor in "Terminator Salvation," scheduled for filming this week in New Mexico. The film "will continue to shoot with Mr. Bale when he has completed his International tour for 'The Dark Knight,"' said Lee Anne Muldoon, unit publicist for the movie.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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