Report: British Man Spends More Than $5G in Benefits to Look Like Devil, Banned From Streets at Night

An British man who swindled the equivolent of $5,719 in benefits to make himself look like the Devil was yesterday banned from prowling the streets at night.

Dad-of-two Gavin Paslow was slapped with the curfew when he appeared before magistrates under his new name Diablo Delenfer.

Afterwards he told how he had spent the cash on surgery giving him fangs, a forked tongue and even horns.

He wears green reptilian contact lenses and usually has a pointed beard. But he said: "I shaved that off before the case to look respectable."

Diablo now hopes to complete his transformation into Beelzebub by having boney spinal implants from his head to his back - and dreams of one day having a real tail.

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