Report: Bill Clinton Planned to Divorce Hillary

Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs can't stop coming back to haunt his wife, Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton.

A new book by Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein alleges the former president was on the verge of divorcing his wife, leaving her for "the other woman" now identified as marketing executive Marilyn Jo Jenkins.

The Daily Mail reports that the crisis ended with his wife talking him out of the divorce. She supposedly told a friend, "there are worse things than infidelity," according to the Mail.

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As Clinton spent his last day in the governor's mansion, Jenkins was by his side for one last meeting, the Mail reported.

And Jenkins played such a "pivotal role" in Clinton's life that in 1989 he offered to divorce Hillary to be with her.

As a result, Clinton's chief-of-staff Betsey Wright took him to see a therapist.