Report: Austrian Teen Kidnapped Says New Book About Ordeal Contains Lies

An Austrian teen who survived more than eight years in captivity said in comments Saturday that a recently published, unauthorized account of her ordeal contained "lies, mean lies."

Natascha Kampusch, 18, told the German tabloid "die aktuelle" that the book "Girl in the Cellar," by Allan Hall and Michel Leidig that will be published in English and is due out before the holidays, did not accurately reflect her experience over 8 1/2 years held in captivity in a windowless cell in the home of her captor Wolfgang Priklopil.

"I would like to clearly establish here that until now, I have not spoken to anyone about what I went through in the past eight years," Kampusch told the magazine. "For this reason, I am so hurt, because the book is selling lies, mean lies, as truth."

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Kampusch, who now lives in Vienna, said she was consulting with lawyers about possible action to be taken against the book's authors.

The book, which is published by Hodder & Stoughton will not be released in Austria, German or Switzerland.

It was written in the months since Kampusch's Aug. 23 release and charges that Austrian police failed to conduct a serious search for the girl in the days after her disappearance on the way to school.

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