Rep: Heather Locklear 'Fine' After 911 Call; Call Had 'No Merit'

A representative for Heather Locklear said the actress is "fine" after a 911 call was placed Saturday night by someone who reportedly feared she would commit suicide.

"[I] spoke with Heather and she is fine. She never requested medical assistance and did not place a 911 call. Nor did anyone from her house call 911 or place a call requesting medical assistance," the rep said.

Locklear's rep also denied to TMZ's report that the actress' psychiatrist called 911 on her behalf.

"As previously stated by the Ventura County Fire Department, they responded to a call that had no merit and left almost immediately. No psychiatrist called 911 on Ms. Locklear’s behalf," the rep said.

Paramedics responded to a 911 call made Saturday night by someone who feared Locklear would try to kill herself, TMZ reported. Emergency response sources told TMZ that when they arrived at Locklear's house she was fine and they left 10 minutes later after determining there was no suicide attempt.

Capt. Barry Parker of the Ventura County Fire Department told TMZ they received a 911 call and went to Locklear's home in Thousand Oaks, Calif., but the call did not originate from her home.