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TERRY KEENAN, GUEST HOST: Martha Stewart has until tomorrow to hand over some key records on that controversial ImClone trade of hers. If she doesn't comply, the subpoenas could fly. Joining me now is one of those congressional investigators, Michigan Representative Bart Stupak. He joins me from Green Bay. Congressman, welcome, good to have you with us.


KEENAN: You know, it's been reported in the press and I've been hearing it through some sources of mine that the committee does believe that Ms. Stewart has been stonewalling us here all this summer. Do you agree with that assessment?

STUPAK: Well, there's no doubt. Right around the first part of August, she did start to withdraw from cooperating with the committee. She had been cooperative in the past. She did provide some documents, answered some questions, and then probably around the first part of August, she just decided enough was enough. She wasn't going to do anymore, even though there were requests for certain documents and further clarification. So since August 6, she's been anything but cooperative.

KEENAN: So what happens if those documents are turned over tomorrow? Will the committee subpoena here?

STUPAK: There's no doubt in my mind that the committee will subpoena her. I'll bring to the chairman, Chairman Greenwood, reiterate my opinion that she should be subpoenaed. Give her until 5:00 o'clock tomorrow. There are certain records we want. They're clearly outlined to her and her representatives. We must have certain documents, e-mails, discussions with her financial people -- there's a lot of things we would like to see.

And the other thing we would like is the documents be very clear. She has provided us documents in the past. We couldn't even read them. So we want the documents, we want them by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow. If not, I have a letter going to the chairman saying, let's do the subpoena, and talking with the chairman and the staffs there's no doubt there will be a subpoena if the records and clarifications are not provided by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow.

KEENAN: You would think Martha would have everything perfectly organized, collated and perfect penmanship.

STUPAK: No doubt.

And really, that's all we want. Just get the documents forward, and we'll take the next step from there. And you would think everything would be well executed with this person who has the reputation of being very meticulous.

KEENAN: The other missing piece of this puzzle seems to be the broker, Peter Bacanovic. As far as I know, you folks have not been able to talk to him either. Has he been even less forthcoming than Martha's folks?

STUPAK: Well, I wouldn't say any less forthcoming. Remember his assistant, Bacanovic's assistant, has certainly helped out the committee. Shown us a couple of things. Merrill Lynch has been cooperative, as much as they can. There's a confidentiality issue there that still is being resolved, but overall they have been pretty cooperative.

KEENAN: Any concern that the investigation at all going in the direction of whether other clients of that Merrill broker, in addition to Martha, were also kind of perhaps in on some sort of inside information scheme?

STUPAK: Well, no doubt. Waksal, Sam Waksal, you know, he's been charged already by the federal government.

KEENAN: Right. Other friends of theirs?

STUPAK: Other friends. There's a cast here, it's a defined set of number, and we're looking at all of it. In fact, even Harlan Waksal, there's some questions there that are yet to be resolved.

KEENAN: And I just got a letter from your subcommittee saying that they want Harlan Waksal to testify that all the documents committees have been given are actually accurate. So the plot continues to thicken. Thanks so much for joining us, Congressman Bart Stupak.

STUPAK: Thank you.

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