Remembering a September Weekend, Five Years Ago

I don't want to close this show on a downer, but I do want you to think about something going into this weekend: Think about it being your last weekend.

Your last weekend to be with family or friends.

Your last weekend to take your spouse out or your kids to the park.

I want you to think about what you'd do, what you'd say, where you'd go.

Because this weekend, I want you to think about another weekend, maybe just like it, five years ago.

For some 3,000 folks back then, it was their last weekend too. Only they didn't know it.

It was their last chance to take in a ballgame or a movie. Or maybe their last chance to do nothing at all — just hang out.

I hope and trust it was a good weekend for them.

That when they woke up that Monday morning, not knowing they had but one more night to live, they were happy.

Not all. Maybe some had petty grievances or disputes, cars that didn't work or savings plans that didn't measure up.

I just hope on the things that counted, they counted their blessings. Just like I hope we do the same.

Because in the scheme of time, it doesn't much matter the size of our wallets, or the condition of our cars. They are fleeting things, forgetful things — just things.

Sometimes we forget that, when we assume we have many weekends to enjoy. Just remember this weekend five years ago, when 3,000 people just like us thought the exact same thing.

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