Reflections on the Pope's Life

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This pope was a great man, meaning he had a great influence over the course of world events. But he was also a good man, meaning that people liked him and trusted him as a person.

Many great men lose the ability to relate to folks one-on-one. Not so with John Paul (search). By all accounts, he maintained individual friendships while attending to the needs of a billion Catholics. And he was a fun guy to be around. Now some may be offended by using the word “fun” around such a holy man. But there are plenty of anecdotes to support the use of that word. John Paul loved to tell jokes and play word games

Many great men don’t have that quality of fun and goodness. Some end up leaving a kind of bitterness behind when they’re gone, even if they’ve done great things. But not John Paul. Even those who criticize his teachings can’t bring themselves to condemn the man. Those who do, just sound grumpy. So the Roman Catholic Church (search) must now find someone to fill the vacancy. Finding a great man among so many great men won’t be hard. But finding a great man who is also a good man will take some very special help.

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