'Reel' Movie Times

I would personally love to take credit for a movie theater chain stopping this nonsense of listing false starting times for flicks. I've made this a kind of cause celeb for years on this show.

But in reality, the credit goes to you.

Like me, you were ticked off when a theater said a movie started at 8 p.m., only to discover that after commercials and previews, the movie didn't actually start until 8:15 p.m. — if you were lucky.

Like me, you were tired of juggling small kids at matinee specials, who were bouncing off the walls by the time the countless spots for cereals and fruit clear soda had stopped and the movie you came to watch had started.

And like me, you were sick of the lying.

And like me, you demanded it stop.

My hat's off to the Loews (search) movie theater chain for stopping it.

Starting next month, Loews lists the actual starting time for movies, right along with the preview start.

So you have a choice.

And not just when you sit down for that flick.

But where you do the sitting.

Or if it's not Loews where you do the stewing.

Again, it's your choice.

Make it a good one.

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