Karen Gibbs sat in for Neil Cavuto this week. She was joined by Joe Namath, NFL Hall Of Famer and Vestin Group spokesperson; Mike Shustek, Founder of Vestin Group, a mortgage lender; Jim Rogers, President of JimRogers.com; and Brian Finnerty, Senior Vice President of Melhado Flynn & Associates.

Stock Leaders

Another week, another tough go for the market. But when the going gets tough usually leaders emerge. Which stocks will help lift the market higher?

Joe Namath says he's still optimistic partly because of the a good performance by our political leaders, but mainly because Americans have a strong belief in our country. "America seems to do the best when their backs are up against the wall."

Jim Rogers says he's still optimistic about the economy, but as far as the stock market is concerned he plans to sell in May and go away.

Brian Finnerty says he thinks the recent pullback in the market is creating a buying opportunity.  He believes the market will begin a summer rally in early June.

Mike Shustek says there is plenty of cash on the sidelines right now. The whole economy is strong and the real estate sector is as strong as ever; home builders are up 29 percent and mortgage providers are up 15 percent.

Karen asked Brian if he likes any stocks in the booming housing sector:  Brian says he likes Toll Brothers (TOL), WCI Communities (WCI) and Pulte Homes (PHM).

More For Your Money: CEO $ellout

When a Quarterback's team is losing at halftime they don't call a sports bookie and bet on the other team. But that's essentially what a lot of CEOs are doing when their company starts runs into a rough patch.  

Global Crossing’s Gary Winnick, sold more than 700 million dollars worth of stock since the telecom company went public in 1998, investors meantime have lost almost everything.  It's now a penny stock and the company is in bankruptcy.  AOL Time Warner's incoming CEO, Richard Parsons, has sold nearly 27 million since the mega merger.  But investors who held onto the stock have lost about two-thirds of their money in the past year.  Karen asked the panelists what kind of message this sends to investors?

Joe Namath can't imagine that happening in sports. He says a team believing in their leader is the difference between success and failure.

Jim Rogers says great leaders that build great companies never sell their stock. If you see executives selling, you should be asking some serious questions.

Mike Shustek says if executives in a company are making a salary and selling stock, you should be worried.

Karen asked Brian what CEOs he think are doing a good job right now: He likes James Morgan of Applied Materials (AMAT) and Scott McNeely of Sun Microsystems (SUNW).

Head to Head: Bull & Bear Fight

Is the stock market about to kick into high gear or is it stuck in the mud?

Brian Finnerty says he remains bullish because of low interest rates, corporate profits on the rise and lots of cash on the sidelines.

Mike Norman, Publisher for the Economic Contrarian Update, says he's bearish over the long term because of the low savings rate and historically high debt carried by individuals and businesses.  The latter he says  will prevent the spending needed to spur a long term market rally or sustainable economic growth.

FOX on the spot

Jim Rogers says the dollar dip will help U.S. exporters, but will hurt the rest of us.

Brian Finnerty says stocks will jump in June so invest in offense stocks like battered semiconductors and biotech stocks.

Mike Shustek thinks Buddha will win the Kentucky Derby!

Joe Namath sees wedding bells for himself in two years!

Karen Gibbs predicts the Israelis and Palestinians will negotiate a peaceful conclusion to the standoff at the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem.