Reasons to Hate Lieberman's 'Love/Hate' Ad

AD: Love/Hate

TARGET AUDIENCE: South Carolina and Oklahoma

PRODUCER: Lieberman campaign


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ANALYSIS: I don't think the ad works.  The use of the word "hate" in this ad, whose theme is opposition to extremism, is strange and contradictory, to say the least. He's using the word hate, which really doesn't fit in with him.

Even though he doesn't say he hates President Bush, he, in effect, says he hates where President Bush's policies are taking the country. Then, he goes into a typical rhetoric about things he is opposed to with President Band then he moves back to the center and endorses a number of policy stands that seem pretty consistent with Bush policy.

Lieberman started the campaign with a coherent message but has tried to retool it with TV spots that have blurred his apeals. I just don't think it has a clear message.