Reading Between the Lines

Dear Viewers,

After Tuesday night's show, I wondered, did Gloria Allred tip us off to something? Did you listen carefully to her answer to my question about whether Amber turned over every tape to the police? Be sure to read e-mail No. 2 below and my answer.

As always, the e-mails below were randomly selected and pasted into this blog.

You should also click on the video-streaming text and listen to the discussion Bernie and I had after the show about the e-mails that we received.

E-mail No. 1

The prosecution should have an environmentalist come into court to show how man-made debris often wraps around animals and in this case a baby while in the ocean. We have all seen the photos of seals, whales, otters, birds etc with "trash" wrapped around them like Houdini doinig a stunt. It is not outside the realm of possibility that the string or tape around Connor would have just been caused by the strong storm... he was found in a heavily debris-strewn area.
Just a thought.

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta —
Gloria Allred's non-responsive answers to your questions regarding the existence of remaining tapes of phone calls between Amber Fry and Scott Peterson show that she is using your forum to chum the waters for her client and whatever book deal they hope to negotiate.
There is no way that she could not have given you a straight answer to the question you asked twice: i.e., whether any remaining tapes exist. If the prosecution even remotely suspected there were such tapes they would have had her produce everything by now pursuant to a subpoena duces tecum. (If there are any as-yet "undiscovered" tapes, which I highly doubt, the prosecutors in fact know about them and they are playing hide the ball.)
The most obvious thing at this point is that Ms. Allred's coy non-answers had only one purpose: keep the public on the edge of its seat about her client. Her transparent games are demeaning to her, her client and her profession.
You have integrity and a wonderful format. She detracts from it. Why do you have her on your show?

My answer: I am very suspicious there are additional tapes that Amber has not turned over by the way Gloria answered (or did not answer) my question. I was told by a source — only one source — that Amber has taped calls from Scott that occurred before Laci disappeared. The taped calls are on her answering machine at home. I want to emphasize that this is my suspicion and I have no proof.

E-mail No. 3

Hi Miss Greta,
Just curious — why the heck do you (or anyone) keep having Gloria Allred as a guest? She never, ever answers a question!
Kady Bowlen
Beaumont, TX

My answer: Kady — I am always hoping to get information out of her if I keep 'pounding' her with questions. Once in a while she gives us information. If you saw last night's show, we might have gotten some information. Read the answer to e-mail No. 2 above. I am also interested in her opinion since she is part of the story (she represents Amber) and she gives that to us every night.

E-mail No. 4

Greta - Gloria has to go. She's killing me. Why do you have her on? She hasn't said anything and I don't think she ever will! I don't think the prosecutors should be able to show the bodies until they show Scott did it. So far he's guilty of womanizing and yes, he's an ass, but so are 75% of the other men out there. I want to see how he did it. In broad daylight, in that teeny little boat. He thought to let the dog run loose with a muddy leash, showed a receipt that he was there, several people saw her walking the dog. Everyone turned on him as soon as they found out about Amber. The hurt the Rocha's are going through is indescribable but the hate for Scott is for hurting their daughter with all of this affair stuff and all the lies to them and Laci. I think they know in their hearts that Scott did not murder Laci. They want Scott to die and their grief does not allow them to listen to the evidence and so far there is none.

E-mail No. 5

It really bothers me that the media told the "WORLD" where Scott Peterson went fishing... BEFORE both Laci and Connor's bodies washed ashore in the same area! That information SHOULD NOT have been publicized. Who else might have dumped the bodies in that area, knowing Scott had been there, trying to incriminate him for the murders?
There are lots of crazy, cruel, evil people out there.
Kathy Warne
Orange, CA

E-mail No. 6

3 cheers for Bernie who finally said what we have all been thinking ever since the Peterson trial started. The fact that Gloria Allred has not said anything in two years on your show. And please, does she really think that the American public is naive enough to think that Amber doesn't have an opinion about Scott in this case? Could she just stop with that line?? Why give Gloria air time? We would rather see and hear the rest of the panel since they have no problem expressing themselves and giving us something more to think about than Ambers apparent lack of interest in this case in which she stars in the number two role.
You go Bernie!!
Thank you,
Ann Ness

My answer: Ann, see my answer to e-mail No. 2 above. If you listened carefully last night, I think you would have gotten a key piece of information from Gloria. Whenever a lawyer has a witness on the witness stand, you need to listen carefully to the answer and also pay attention to how the person answers. Is the person pausing? Parsing the words? Last night Gloria told me that Amber turned over all the "relevant" tapes and that was a red flag to me. If there are "relevant" ones, then there must be "irrelevant" ones... and who decides what is relevant?


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