From the mysteries of the war on terror, to the disturbing realities of the War on Drugs, this week's columns provoked spirited commentary from Foxnews.com readers. 

Radley Balko's Straight Talk  spurred readers to offer solutions to America's drug enforcement problem.  Readers also had their own ideas for addressing  the challenges facing the intelligence community, as analyzed by Ken Adelman.  

Here is this week's mail.

In response to Defense Central:

Dick Troy writes:

Your distinction between secrets and mysteries is compelling and complements Roberta Wohlstetter's "noise versus signal" perspective in Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision.  I'd like to think an independent commission will generate more substance than the oversimplified, recurring and sensational "Aha" revelations that have so far characterized press coverage of congressional hearings.  Wrong lessons would seriously undermine our intelligence efforts in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Bruce Opachinski writes:

I blame the Democrats, and in particular the pacifism that the Clinton-Gore administration has shown to be at fault. Even today, Gore is still against doing anything about terrorism and countries that sponsor and give birth to terrorist and their hatred. This attitude will allow these forces to regain, rebuild and spawn new terrorist organizations until the next disaster occurs again.

In response to Straight Talk:

Larry Arnold of Georiga writes:

If the U.S. were serious about the drug problem it would legalize drugs, treat rather than imprison users AND any person caught dealing drugs would go to prison for life. No exceptions. The War on Drugs is a proven failure as it exists.

Patricia Schwartz writes:

It's so reassuring to see a common sense opinion about the drug war coming from a major media outlet. I was frightened that all the progress that western civilization has made in conducting rational discourse over the last several centuries was going to be snuffed out by boomer journalists indulging in drug-related political correctness to keep their own kids away from pot.

Peter Saunders writes:

The DEA is telling the truth this time. Drug trafficking is being used to fund terrorism in some cases. Afghanistan is a well documented example. Give credit where credit is due.  Your cause would be better served by thoughtful commentary instead of hysterical rhetoric.

Brian Shelley writes:

The government is spending billions to keep drugs out of America.  Then, spending billions to find and prosecute the black market that they created. Then spending billions more trying to squelch the violence that these groups resort to, to continue their billion dollar business which exists because the government policy has created a market by their own policies of trying to curtail the freedoms of their citizens. Outstanding! What a beautiful cycle of idiocy! I want my money back!