Reaction to BBC Bashing

I have found it more than just curious that I have mainly had two kinds of responses to my discussion over the last couple days of a British government agency's official censure of me.

The most interesting response has been from Brits who have come to live in the U.S. and Americans who have gone to the U.K. for business or vacations for a period of time.

Both types of people said I was absolutely right when I said the BBC runs amok with an ingrained anti-Americanism.

The Americanized Brits say they notice it when they go home for visits. The visiting Americans say they suffer in silence, except for giggling when they are alone... out of the view of the British hosts.

Then there are the outraged fans of the BBC who seem mostly horrified that I have not taken my punishment in the silent dignity of the guilty.

First... I am not guilty. I was absolutely correct in every word I said.

Second... what is it about these people who tug at their forelock when the king's courtesans come 'round with one edict or another?

This is the part I just don't get, except I do.

I understand this stuff. It all comes from the view held in much of Britain that Americans went off their rocker a few years ago when George W. Bush (search) was elected president.

That's why the BBC sounds so normal to them. It is precisely the way they think too.

That's My Word.

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