R&B Group Day 26 Stays Grounded, Honors Michael Jackson

They are one of the hottest bands in R&B right now, stars of one of MTV’s top rated shows and protégés of legendary mogul P.Diddy, but Day 26 say that fame hasn’t changed them in the slightest.

“We don’t even remember we’re famous,” Willie Taylor tells FOXNews.com. “If anything, the people we know change the way they are to us, but we aren’t ever going to change.”

And with a Best Group award from BET, it seems the five-man trio is unstoppable these days, despite any issues they dealt with during their last season of their MTV reality hit "Making the Band."

“There’s no more drama between us,” Qwanell “Que” Mosley said. “We are brothers, and brothers might butt heads sometimes, but at the end of the day, we’re here and we’re together and we love what we do.”

And the fans inevitably do as well – supporting the band from the various trials and tribulations they were forced to endure while vying for Diddy’s eye through the drama of the recording industry all the way to certified success.

In addition to admiring Diddy, whom Mike McCluney calls “the ultimate perfectionist," the guys also look up to the late great Michael Jackson, to whom they paid tribute with an acapella performance of his hit "You Are Not Alone" for FOX News’ “Geraldo at Large.”

VIDEO: Click here to see Day 26 perform "You Are Not Alone" for Geraldo.

“Michael is actually the reason why I wanted to become a singer/performer,” Brian Andrews told FOX. “He was, still and always will be my idol.”

Robert Curry echoed his sentiments: “Michael Jackson was a huge influence for me growing up because of his fearlessness and his confidence in being himself. I grew up different [too] and I would have never reached my goal [without him to look up to.]”

Day 26’s sophomore album “Forever and Day” is currently in stores.