Following is the full text of the U.N. staff resolution calling for a vote of no confidence in Secretary-General Kofi Annan, as received by FOX News Channel.

Integrity Sponsor unit 35

The staff council:

Recalling council resolution no. 14 of 15 April 2004 requesting the Secretary-General establish an independent investigation to examine recent decisions of the USG OIOS for violations of the delegation of authority granted to him, especially in the recruitment and promotion of staff;

Noting that the investigation apparently took place headed by the USG department of management however no attempt was made to elicit information from the staff union clarifying the violations cited;

Concerned that the action taken was insufficient and constitutes a failure to properly investigate and determine the full facts of the case;

Regrets the decision of the Secretary-General to accept the findings of an incomplete investigation;

Considers a recommendation "the USG/OIOS should be advised to exercise due caution when making personnel-related decisions, so as to minimize the risk of negative perception by staff members in OIOS ", substantiates the contention of the staff that there was impropriety;

Further considers that the failure to fully investigate the allegations by interviewing those leveling the allegations upholds the findings of an independent integrity perception survey conducted by Deloitte & Touche that there is a lack of integrity particularly at the higher levels of the organization;

Recalls that the Secretary-General declined to accept the honourable action of the deputy Secretary-General who tendered her resignation as a result of the Baghdad bombing of a un compound that resulted in 22 staff members perishing, to hold accountable the head of UNHCR for alleged sexual harassment and to hold accountable the chef de cabinet whose son was employed by the Secretariat in contravention of staff rules;

Decides that the senior management no longer displays the level of integrity expected of all employees of the organization;


i. The president to convey this vote of no confidence to the Secretary-General and president of the general assembly;

ii. Requests the president of the staff union to demand copy of the investigation report of the OIOS.

iii. To the SMCC members of CCISUA;

iv. To the staff at large and;

v. To issue a press release.