Rare Condition Makes Woman Allergic to Cold

During the winter months many people may feel as though they're allergic to the cold, but for Sabrina Doherty it's a reality, according to a report in the Journal Pioneer.

The 32-year-old has never been skiing, snowmobiling or camping. These activities could, in fact, make extremely sick, it is reported.

Doherty, of Kensington, Prince Edward Island, Canada, has a condition called familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome. The condition means that a simple trip to the mailbox in cold weather could cause her to break out in a rash and make her joints swell.

Doherty's mother, grandmother and 12-year-old daughter also suffer from the condition.

"It’s devastating to know that you passed it on," Doherty told the Journal Pioneer. "You can only hope and pray that you don’t. There is nothing to stop it. There’s no way to make the mutated gene go away. It’s something, unfortunately, you learn to adapt to."

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