Quotes From Dem Debate

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Remarks in closing statements from Democratic presidential candidates in Tuesday night's debate:

"I am determined to try to rebuild and renew this country in ways that will build community and level the playing field. ... To me, that means making certain that the fight to preserve our civil liberties is waged, making certain the fight against discrimination is waged, making certain that women have opportunity in this country."

-- Former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun (search)

"What I want to do more than anything as president of the United States is to restore the honor and dignity and respect that this country is owed around the world."

-- Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (search)

"I believe in an America where the family you're born into and the color of your skin should never control your destiny. I believe in an America where the son of a mill worker could actually beat the son of a president for the White House."

-- Sen. John Edwards

"I will be a president every day in that Oval Office who's trying to figure out how every person in this country fulfills their God-given potential, nobody left out, nobody left behind."

-- Rep. Dick Gephardt (search)

"I believe in one America. Together we can create a prosperous America, we can create a respected America, we can create a safe America, we can create our America.

-- Sen. Bob Graham

"We deserve a president of the United States who will write laws for all Americans, not for campaign contributors. And I intend to be a president for all Americans who takes back the flag of our country because it doesn't belong to any party, doesn't belong to any president."

-- Sen. John Kerry

"Because of my life experience and because of my public life experience, I have the ability to lead this nation and to bring all people together and to lift up the cause of this nation so that we once again become a nation that comes from the heart and reconnect with our optimism to really create a nation that we can all be proud of."

-- Rep. Dennis Kucinich

"When I think of the promises George Bush made in 2000 and has broken since, it makes me sick. ... We need a president who will unite America around our shared values and restore security and prosperity to our country and fairness and integrity to the White House."

-- Sen. Joe Lieberman

"We are witnessing a nonmilitary civil war. It started with the recount in Florida, it went to the redistricting in Texas, now it's the recount in California. ... I'm a man of action. And unlike Schwarzenegger, I never had a stunt man do my hard work."

-- Al Sharpton