Questions for Vicente Fox

Here we are — all us Americans — at each others' throats about illegal immigration. You have an idea, I have an idea, everybody's got an idea about how to fix this problem, and we're all yelling at each other.

So who is sitting on the sideline saying nothing? The guy most responsible for us having this problem: Vicente Fox, el presidente of Mexico.

And where is Vicente Fox as we speak? Leaving Salt Lake City, where he has been visiting, and heading to Sacramento for a state dinner with the governor of California, immigrant Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When Presidente Fox was in Salt Lake, his people, his hombres if you will, put out the word — you can take his picture, you can record his remarks — but he won't be taking actual questions. The Deseret News put it this way: No questions, no questions, no questions, no questions.

Personally, I take that as an insult. This guy needs to answer a bunch of questions and I've got a list. Gov. Schwarzenegger should ask all or some of them right there over the appetizers at the state dinner.

First: Don't you feel a little moronic that one in ten Mexicans are forced to leave their home country and live in a foreign country, the USA?

Second: Why is your country so corrupt it cannot support your own people? After all, Mexico is the second largest importer of oil to the United States, outranking even Saudi Arabia.

Third: President Fox, have you noticed how Saudis live? Why can't Mexicans live like that if you've got so much oil? Why are they beating down the doors to get out of their oil-rich country? Do you see Saudis trying to sneak into Yemen?

Fourth: Aren't you embarrassed that the so-called remittances from expatriate Mexicans — illegal aliens living in America — actually dwarf income derived from selling oil to the U.S.? How can $6, $8, $10 an hour Mexicans send more dollars home each month than your country sells in oil? Isn't this a huge embarrassment to you and your country?

Fifth: Don't you want Mexicans living in Mexico? Why does 40 percent of your country want to leave? Why is 20 percent willing to leave illegally?

Sixth: How much money is in your bank account as you leave office? Have you been ripping off the country like virtually every presidente before you?

Seventh: Drug lords beheaded two of your federal police recently and the decapitated heads stuck on a fence outside a government building as a warning to your government. Why isn't your government winning a war with simple drug dealers?

Vicente Fox can get away with no questions in his country. But in this country — as the source of major problems for us — these are questions he should be confronted with every time he encounters an official of any level of government in this country.

Starting with you, Arnold. Cue the governor please!

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