Queen Elizabeth II (search) said Friday that the terrorist bombings in London "will not change our way of life."

"Atrocities such as these simply reinforce our sense of community, our humanity, our trust in the rule of law. That is the clear message from us all," she told staff at the Royal London Hospital (search).

The east London (search) hospital was among those treating victims of the three subway explosions and one explosion on a bus on Thursday.

The queen expressed her admiration for all the Londoners who "are calmly determined to resume their normal lives."

"This is the answer to this outrage. Sadly we in Britain have been all too familiar with acts of terror and members of my generation, especially at this end of London, know that we have been here before," she said, referring to the Nazi air blitz of World War II.

"But those who perpetrate these brutal acts against innocent people should know that they will not change our way of life."