Q&A With Designer Carolina Herrera

FOX News' Gwen Marder spoke to designer Carolina Herrera (search) about her latest collection and her personal tastes.

FOX: Describe your favorite evening dress from your spring collection.

Herrera: All the evening dresses are my favorites. I don't have a particular favorite, sometimes it's more about the event where the dress is worn.

FOX: Your fall collection [debuted] February.

Herrera: The collection is inspired by the women of the '40s and their elegant approach to daytime. As well, colors of mimosa, raspberry, violet, blush and charcoal mixed with semi-precious stones embellish the collection. The colors themselves become a focal point due to their intensity and vibrancy. We softened and modernized the dramatic shapes of the '40s by using lightweight tweeds and geometric chiffon prints. Jackets and coats emphasize the waist, while skirts and dresses combine architectural elements to create volume and movement. The intense colors with fluid silhouettes and feminine details will result in a glamorous and effortless approach to dressing for fall.

FOX: You have four daughters — last year your daughter Carolina Adriana joined your business. Has she had an influence on your fashion direction?

Herrera: Patricia Lansing started with me two years ago in design and Carolina Jr. works with the fragrance division. Both have a great eye for fashion and have great style.

FOX: Your business has grown in the past years to include your couture collection, CH, the secondary line, a bridal and accessory line and 212, your new fragrance. What do you think is most responsible for the ongoing success of your business?

Herrera: My collections that you see on the runway are Ready to Wear, the CH line is more of lifestyle brand, Bridal has been around since '86 and Fragrance is in over 200 countries. All contribute to the success of the business. They all work together hand in hand.

FOX: Which part of your business do you find most challenging?

Herrera: In general, fashion is challenging. Everything from clothes to fragrances.

FOX: You're known for your elegant, luxurious, seven sophisticated designs. Do you think you could design for Target or H&M like some of the other designers are doing?

Herrera: Absolutely, yes!

FOX: Do you have plans for new business endeavors?

Herrera: I can't give away my secrets!

FOX: You started your business later in life. What advice do you have for women who want to change careers at the same stage in life?

Herrera: Age is something only in your head or a stereotype. Age means nothing when you are passionate about something.

FOX: You've dressed royals, celebrities, socialites and first ladies. Is there one woman who most impressed you?

Herrera: Jackie Kennedy

FOX: What is your opinion of how American women dress in comparison to their European counterparts?

Herrera: It's two different ways of living. The end result is the same: Elegance is elegance no matter where you live!

FOX: You give a lot of your time to many worthwhile organizations. Which is closest to your heart?

Herrera: Cancer organizations and heart diseases.

FOX: On a personal level, what luxury can't you live without?

Herrera: My privacy.

FOX: What is your most treasured possession?

Herrera: My imagination.

FOX: What is the quality you most like in a man?

Herrera: A sense of humor and generosity.

FOX: What is always in your fridge?

Herrera: Evian water.

FOX: What are your interests outside of fashion?

Herrera: My family, my dogs, my books, my music and movies.

FOX: What have you loved most about your career?

Herrera: Being able to be creative.

FOX: If fashion design didn't work out, what would you have done?

Herrera: I would love to have been a writer; maybe I will someday.